Certification Process

Certification is a continuous process that is managed by our Certification Technical Team here at ACO Certification Ltd.

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The process from receiving your Applications to you receiving Certification is currently a 10 week period.

Producers should allow a minimum of 1 year “In Conversion” period subject to soil testing results. During such time you will have In Conversion Logos and a Certificate that states this so your clients/customers/consumers know that you are in the process and soon-to-be Certified.

在经过认证的有机之前,请查看哪些认证服务/计划适合您的需求和要求;如果您只销售当地/澳大利亚,您只需要满足ACOS Standards. However if you wish to export your product internationally you can also become Certified to do this through us, using the National Standards; underNOP (USA),朝鲜,reshecare.,IFOAM,JAS(日本)或者1manbext .

Application Process - Step by Step:

  1. 信息——通过提交some of your information viaApply NowWe will be able to send you the appropriate Information Kit(s), providing all relevant information and documents available through our website. Where you can read up on the process and Certification Details. ACO will do our own testing to verify you are organic, through which we can lay out step by step what you need to do to become organic.
  2. Application– the application forms provided to you are the real Step 1 of the process to becoming certified organic, once we have that information back it will be reviewed and assessed by our certification officers who will deem what tests need to be done on your product/region during your initial audit.
  3. Audit- 将发送审核员以评估和测试您的产品和程序。土壤测试,产品测试和有机验证将在我们最后进行。我们的审计师可以随身携带,并通过当时通过任何需要的任何东西交谈。如果在我们的测试中拾取了任何东西,您将有一个月纠正它(我们将通过该过程告诉您如何支持您)。
  4. 审查– All of the information and testing will be reviewed on our end. Once this has been completed you will be sent out a Certificate. Your Certificate will be provided as organic or In Conversion, which indicates you are in the process. This shows that your product and farm are Certified Organic. As such you will be permitted to use our logo (which is recognised throughout Australia and overseas) and a logo with your Certification Number will be issued.
  5. 标签批准 - 然后您可以发送您想要使用/显示/宣传的任何标签服务台由我们的认证团队批准。
  6. 产品批准 - 随着您的业务增长,您可能会向您的证书添加作物或产品。您可以通过将产品批准申请提交给您的认证,在整个阶段进行此操作服务台. The recipes/procedures will then be reviewed by our Certification Team and added to your Certificate.
  7. Ongoing Care – we will run annual audits and update your certification for as long as you want to continue being Certified Organic.

Document Review:


NOP,朝鲜JAS.Certification requires an annual review of your business process and procedures; when your audit is allocated you will receive notice that you are due to provide an updated Organic Management Plan (OMP). This will be done yearly prior to your audit.



Organic Certification requires an annual audit be conducted to ensure you are continuously meeting the Standards.

You should have an audit 8 weeks prior to the expiry date on your current Certificate.

Our Audit Co-Ordinator will schedule and allocate your audit according to area and services/programs you are certified to. An audit notification letter will be sent to you detailing all relevant details and information, including who will be conducting your on-site audit.

CRC Review:

The Certification Review Committee (CRC) will then process and assess your audit report along with any other relevant documentation on your profile to determine whether compliance is met.

Corrective Action Requests (CARs) may be raised at this stage and you will be notified appropriately. You will be given an appropriate time-frame to close these requests with written responses and relevant documentation.

Certificate Issuing:

You Organic Certificate will be issued to you as soon as we have verified your account is up to date. Your Certificate will be valid for a 12month period and will have an expiry date listed.

For all general enquires please contact the office on(07) 3350 5706或者info@aco.net.au和you will be directed accordingly.